What It’s Like To Be A Blue Devil

Yes, we could tell all about the fun times, friendships gained and memories created on and off the softball diamond, but we wanted to go a different route. We asked both players and coaches what it’s like to be a Blue Devil—here’s what they had to say:

  • If you’re five minutes early, you’re five minutes late. Once a Blue Devil, Always a Blue Devil. - Maddie Hansen
  • Playing games every day and then getting to hang out with my best friends at the pool, run around the hotel, or dress up for the parade created moments that I wished could last forever. - Alyssa Wiebel

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  • Playing with the Blue Devils enabled me to form some great friendships with a special group of players. - Erin Kuba
  • It was my proudest moment because I persevered through the heat and some self-doubt to help my team win the game. - Gabi Carter

  • All of these people helped to create an environment that supported and encouraged the teams that I got to play on as a Blue Devil. - Hannah Towns
  • The skills I learned from the Blue Devils helped me become the person I am today and helped me to achieve my goals of going to the State Tournament in High School and then playing in college and going to the National Championship. - Katelyn Holub

  • I look back with great fondness to those times. I learned to work hard and intelligently in practices. I stay in contact with many of the girls I played with and still consider them my friends. I also am deeply grateful for the excellent mentoring I received from my coaches. - Olivia Usher