Community Resources

Take advantage of the resources in our community!

Purchasing Softball Equipment

In terms of buying softball gear, you can purchase items at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Play It Again Sports. You can also grab cleats from big-box retailers and some department stores, as well as Finish Line and Foot Locker. Also, Scheel’s at the Coral Ridge Mall has a great selection of softball gear.

Additional Facilities

Being the 2nd biggest city in Iowa, we have a lot of softball diamonds and fields at our disposal in the greater Cedar Rapids area. Most high schools, middle schools and some elementary schools have softball/baseball diamonds you can use, and our city parks have a plethora of fields, as well.

Check Google Maps to find the closest diamond to your house and get in a quick practice with a parent or friend! Also, reach out to your coach about using the Devils’ Den on a day you don’t have practice.


Want More Resources?

Read Coach Skeeter's blog to learn about the latest Devil's happenings, trends in the softball world and valuable Skeeterisms.

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Get Creative

Along with using city fields and school softball diamonds, get creative and make your own practice and training session! Fresh cut lawn? Take some grounders and fly balls, mix in some sprints and long toss. Got some free time? Coordinate a practice session with friends at your neighborhood diamond.