The 10 Mental Makings of Champions

More like the Mental Makings of the Blue Devils, am I right? All kidding aside, The 10 Mental Makings of Champions is a list that echoes everything we stand for as an organization. Some will say it’s just softball, but we teach life skills that help young people become great athletes and even better human beings.


Please read over this post with your daughter.


  1. Dare to dream.

Dream, dream big and whatever you do, never stop dreaming. Champions visualize achieving their goals and the great possibilities that come along with them. If you don’t have a goal, if you aren’t looking to make the jump to the next level, what are you doing? Visualize and succeed. Champions dare to dream.


  1. Define and commit to a mission.

Champions outline what they want to achieve. Whether it’s winning a game, a tournament or a state championship (slow down there, scooter), a champion must first make a full commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve their mission. Commitment, responsibility and discipline make achieving this goal possible. Champions define and commit to a mission.


  1. Set daily goals.

The key to a success life is to set daily goals. In softball practice, at school, at work and at home, set daily goals and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Always emphasizing quality over quantity, champions strive to take themselves to the next level by setting high yet realistic expectations. One play at a time, one goal at a time. Champions set daily goals.


  1. Control the controllables.

Throughout life, you will be in situations you can and cannot control. The message here is that champions take full responsibility for what they can control. They learn from their mistakes, accept what they cannot control and prepare for the next play by controlling what they can. Champions control the controllables.


  1. Choose to think helpful thoughts.

The way that a champion thinks and feels ultimately determines how they perform. If you think you’re going to strike out, you’re going to strike out. If you think you’re going to catch this fly ball, you’re going to catch this fly ball. Positivity is a beautiful thing. Pass it on. Champions choose to think helpful thoughts.


  1. Choose and cultivate confidence.

Confidence isn’t just something champions have, it’s a state of mind. Champions focus on their strengths—it’s why they’re successful. Champions do not fear pressure situations, they thrive on them because they choose to be confident. Visualize. Do. Succeed. Champions choose and cultivate confidence.


  1. Focus on the present positive process.

In life and in sports, anticipation is key, but a champion must remain disciplined and remember to focus on the present moment—taking plays, swings and pitches one at a time. Focus on the positive and what you can do—what’s currently happening—and the rest will take care of itself. Champions focus on the present positive process.


  1. Trust themselves.

Trust the process—trust yourself. You’ve worked at it, you’ve trained for it and you have it what takes. Champions know that their physical and mental preparation will help them succeed when it’s time to compete. Champions always trust themselves.


  1. Recognize and overcome adversity.

Life is not easy. Softball is not easy. Laying down the perfect sacrifice bunt when everyone is watching is not easy, but do we give up? No. We don’t pout or make excuses. We persevere. Certain things and situations—both in softball and in life—will be difficult. Adversity happens. What you do after adversity is what makes you a champion. Champions recognize and overcome adversity.


  1. Evaluate their performances.

While putting in work at practice is absolutely necessary, champions take the time necessary to evaluate their training and performance. Be constructive—what can you do better? Reflect on your successes, build confidence, learn from your mistakes and set goals for the future and you too can become a champion.

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