The ROI of Softball and the Value of Team Sports

Youth softball can be expensive. There’s the cost of equipment, using indoor practice facilities, games, more equipment, tournaments, team uniforms, registration fees, pitching lessons, traveling, hitting lessons and more equipment (for good measure, of course).


We want you to know that your membership dues cover everything except equipment.


Softball uniforms, indoor practice time, game costs and tournament fees—they are all covered with your membership dues. We’ll teach you how to pitch and hit so you don’t have to worry about expensive private lessons. We have indoor and outdoor facilities so you don’t have to worry about paying for batting-cage time by the hour.


Yes, becoming a Blue Devil is an investment, but what your daughter gets out of joining our organization is truly invaluable.


Expert Coaching


Teach. Inspire. Lead.


Our experienced, ACE-certified coaching staff is made up of 14 volunteers that are ready to help you succeed. Much more than just coaches of youth sports, they lead and inspire girls on and off the diamond, pushing them to give 110% effort from the first pitch to the last out. Our talented coaches work hard to better the community one softball team at a time.



Superb Practice Facilities


Practice makes perfect. Along with our dedicated home softball diamond located on the Northwest side of Cedar Rapids, we own a premier indoor practice facility. The Devils’ Den, as we call it, allows us to make softball a year-round activity. It features multiple batting cages, pitching tunnels and an Astroturf playing surface. We also use advanced video monitoring systems that provide coaches with what they need to build hitting profiles and adjust techniques accordingly.


Friends for a Lifetime


Once a Blue Devil, always a Blue Devil. Joining our organization is like joining a softball sorority—a sisterhood made up of teammates that become friends with like-minded interests and a love for a good sacrifice bunt. But really, we’re proud to say our organization fosters friendships that extend far beyond the softball diamond.




Value is defined as worth or the usefulness of something. Participating in youth team sports such as softball proves its worth over and over again. Not only will your daughter learn life skills such as responsibility, discipline and sportsmanship, but softball:


  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • Promotes self-esteem
  • Establishes time management skills
  • Inspires her to set goals
  • Develops teamwork skills
  • Teaches her how to deal with adversity


On top of that, she’ll have fun! Positive experiences such as softball play an essential role in developing a happy, healthy human being. Our sport offers a break from school and provides an opportunity to have fun while learning and developing as an athlete and a human being.


Taking into account the life skills gained and overall experience of playing a team sport, competitive softball boasts a positive return that pays a lifetime of dividends.

2 Replies to "The ROI of Softball and the Value of Team Sports"

  • comment-avatar
    Kathleen Koering
    January 6, 2018 (9:24 pm)

    What is the cost of U 8 softball

    • comment-avatar
      Cory Keeney
      July 9, 2018 (6:37 pm)

      Roughly 475 a season

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